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PA5000 Power Analyzer Parameters

Input parameters:

Input parameters Parameter description
Measurement rangeVoltage1.5V,3V,6V,10V,15V,30V,60V,100V,150V,300V,600V,1000V
CurrentDirect input (Crest factor is 3) 
Sensor input (Crest factor is 3)50mV、100mV、200mV、500mV、1V、2V、5V、10V
Maximum continuous allowable input valueVoltageChoose the lower value of 2000V peak value and 1300V voltage RMS
CurrentDirect input 
5A:Choose the lower value of 15A peak value and 6.5A RMS
50A: Choose the lower value of 90A peak value and 55A RMS
Sensor inputPeak value less than or equal to 4 times of the range; RMS value less than or equal to 2 times of the range
Maximum transient allowable input value (≤ 1s)VoltageChoose the lower value of 3000V peak value and 1500V RMS
CurrentDirect input 
5A:Choose the lower value of 22.5A peak value and 10A RMS
50A:Choose the lower value of 100A peak value and 60A RMS
Sensor inputPeak value less than or equal to 5 times of the range; RMS value less than or equal to 3 times of the range
Input impedancePA5000
Voltage input impedanceInput resistance:2MΩ,input capacitance:10pF
Current input impedance5A: Input resistance:100mΩ,Input inductor:0.07μH
50A: Input resistance:5mΩ,Input inductor:0.07μH
Sensor voltage input impedanceInput resistance:1MΩ,input capacitance:45pF
Input parameterPA5000
Input bandwidthDC,0.1Hz~5MHz
Sampling rate2MS/s
Maximum continuous common mode voltage1000Vrms


Frequency range of input signalPA5000(5A board card)
   Voltage / Current/ SensorPower
0.1Hz ≤ f < 30Hz0.10+0.100.20+020
30Hz ≤ f < 45Hz0.10+0.100.10+0 .20
45Hz ≤ f < 66Hz0.10+0.050.10+0.05
66Hz ≤ f < 1KHz0.10+0.100.20+0.10
1KHz ≤ f < 10KHz0.15+0.100.30+0.10
10KHz ≤ f < 50KHz0.20 + 0.100.30 + 0.20
50KHz ≤ f < 100KHz0.50 + 0.300.70+0.50
100KHz ≤ f < 500KHz(0.004f+0.8)+0.50(0.004f+0.8)+0.50
500KHz ≤ f ≤ 1MHz(0.01f-2.2)+1.0(0.042f-12)+2.0
Frequency range of input signalPA5000(50A board card)
   Voltage / Current/ SensorPower
0.1Hz ≤ f < 30Hz0.10+0.100.20+020
30Hz ≤ f < 45Hz0.10+0.100.10+0 .20
45Hz ≤ f < 66Hz0.10+0.050.10+0.05
66Hz ≤ f < 1KHzVoltage/Sensor:0.10+0.10
Current direct input:0.20+0.10
1KHz ≤ f < 10KHzVoltage/Sensor:0.15+0.10
Current direct input:(0.10f+0.2)+0.10
Current direct input:(0.10f+0.2)+0.20
10KHz ≤ f < 50KHzVoltage/Sensor:0.20+0.10
Current direct input:(0.10f+0.2)+0.10
Current direct input:(0.10f+0.2)+0.20
50KHz ≤ f < 100KHzVoltage/Sensor:0.50+0.30
Current direct input:(0.10f+0.2)+0.10
Current direct input::(0.30f-9.5)+0.50
100KHz ≤ f < 200KHzVoltage/Sensor:(0.004f+0.8)+0.50
Current direct input:(0.05f+5.0)+0.50
Current direct input:(0.09f+11)+1.0
200KHz ≤ f < 500KHzVoltage/Sensor:(0.004f+0.8)+0.50Voltage/Sensor:(0.02f-0.3)+1.0
500KHz ≤ f ≤ 1MHzVoltage/Sensor:(0.01f-2.2)+1.0Voltage/Sensor:(0.042f-12)+2.0

The measurement accuracy of the power analyzer is calculated under the following conditions: Temperature: 23±1℃; Humidity: 30-70% RH; Input signal: sine wave; Common mode voltage: 0V; After preheating, line filter: OFF; λ (Power factor): 1; Crest factor: 3. After preheating for 30 minutes, f = frequency. Data update rate: 500 ms.


Display ParameterPA5000
Display12.1 inches color LCD display
Resolution1280×800 pixels
Touch screenSupport for touch screen operation
Display update rateSame as the data update rate


Internal SSD capacity60G storage capacity supports long-time storage of more than 10,000 hours (normal)
USB storage interfaceSupport for USB storage interface

Measurement Function/Measurement Condition:

Data update rateSelect from 10ms、50ms、100ms、250ms、500ms、1s、2s、5s、10s、20s
Display update rateSame as the data update rate
Response timeSame as the data update rate

Harmonics measurement (PLL synchronous source method):

Fundamental frequency of PLL sourceSampling rate(S/s)Window width relative to FFT data length (fundamental frequency)Maximum harmonic analysis orderNumber of sampling points
1~5Hzf×40962500 8192
5~10Hzf×2048 45008192
10~640Hzf×1024 8 5008192
640~1.28kHz f×51216 2558192
1.28kHz~2.56kHzf×25632 1008192

Motor function –analog quantity input parameters

Input modeSafety BNC, floating, isolation, electrical isolation among A, B, Z of TORQUE and SPEED
Input impedance1MΩ±100kΩ
Cut-off frequency (configurable)100Hz,10kHz,50kHz,OFF
Effective measurement range±110%
Maximum allowable voltage±22V
Maximum common mode voltage±42Vpeak
Number of bits16bit
Sampling rate200kHz
Synchronous sourceU1~U6/I1~I6/EXT
Accuracy±(0.05% reading + 0.05% range)
Temperature drift±0.03% range/℃

Motor function –pulse frequency input parameters:

Input modeSafety BNC, floating, isolation, electrical isolation among A, B, Z of TORQUE and SPEED
Input impedance1MΩ±100kΩ
Frequency range1Hz~1MHz
Input amplitude range±22Vpeak
Input amplitude range±42Vpeak
Effective amplitude1V
Minimum high pulse width2.5µS or more
Accuracy±(0.05% reading + 1mHz)

FFT computation function:

Sampling rate/ time1k points5k points10k points50k points100k points200k points400k points500k points

Waveform sampling data storage function:

Storage itemsVoltage waveform, current waveform, computing waveform, FFT computation data, rotational speed, analog quantity of torque, harmonic data, custom function
Storage modesNormal, real-time, integration synchronization, conditional trigger
Data typeValue, waveform, value+waveform
File type CSV format, PAD format
Storage Internal DOM, U disk

Integration function:

ModeThe manual, standard, continuous, real-time standard and real-time loop mode can be selected.
WP± modeCharging/discharging, electricity purchase/sale
TimerSet the timer to stop integration operations automatically. 0000h00m00s~10000h00m00s
Stop countingThe integration time and value will be maintained and the integration operation will be stopped when the integration time reaches its maximum value (10000 hours) or the integration value reaches the maximum/minimum display integration value (±999999M).
Accuracy±( power or current accuracy + time accuracy )
Time accuracy± 0.02% of reading

1000V/50A, 7 elements direct measurement

PA5000 Power Analyzer makes use of a 100MHz synchronous clock with high-stability temperature compensation to avoid the measurement error caused by temperature drift, keeping the phase error of each element within 10ns to ensure accurate measurement of active power and power factors.

Harmonics up to 500th order

PA5000 power analyzer has a bandwidth of up to 5M and sampling rates up to 2 MS/s, which can measure harmonics up to 500th order. It also features multiple combined display modes to display each harmonic component at the same time. Users can click the "First Ten Harmonics Function" in the menu to check the top ten harmonics with highest energy among all harmonics. Moreover, in order to facilitate users analyzing in more details, we add the FFT harmonic analysis function. Through this function, users can check each frequency value and each interharmonic data.

Dual PLL source, frequency-doubling technology

PA power analyzer synchronizes the sampling frequency with the signal frequency by incorporating the PLL hardware circuit so as to obtain accurate results of harmonics measurement. Moreover, this function is upgraded in PA8000 and PA5000 Power Analyzer, which supports dual PLL source so that users can select different PLL sources for different measurement elements to facilitate the contrastive analysis on the harmonics of input and output signals simultaneously.

See PV and wind power industry applications

Multi-motor test

Any one or several of the 7 power boards of PA5000 power analyzer can be upgraded to motor test board(s) (multiplex motor boards are also available for PA8000 and PA5000). Through the power board paired with the motor board, the gearbox (inverter) and motor inside the electric vehicle can be jointly debugged and tested so that users can measure the overall performance of the motor system more precisely.

Bivector graph analysis

PA5000 power analyzer can measure and display the vector graph of the inverter’s three-phase input and output at the same time, and analyze the phase angle between each input and output phase so as to precisely assess the impact that the angular difference of the input signal has on the output signal.(For all models)

60G data storage and excellent data format analysis

PA5000 power analyzer is equipped with a solid state disc (SSD) up to 60G for massive data storage. Users can directly connect the USB flash drive to it to store all the needed data. It supports multiple formats, such as PAD and CSV. With the storage time controllable, storage is no longer a problem.