Inverter and Motor Industry

PA8000 and PA5000 power analyzers can perform simultaneous power measurement at as many as seven points. By measuring the input electrical power and output mechanical power of the inverter, they can accurately assess the efficiency of the inverter as well as the overall performance of the inverter and the motor.

  • Efficiency test of the inverter

    PA8000 and PA5000 power analyzers provide seven power input elements to support the simultaneous measurement of the converter’s input and output. In addition, all the power input elements have the same 100 MHz synchronized clock to achieve the synchronized sampling phase, reduce the error caused by the U and I included angle, and guarantee the accuracy of power and efficiency measurement.

  • Dual PLL source frequency-multiplying technology

    According to the rules of FFT algorithm, the frequency of the sampling signal must be synchronized with that of the measured signal in order to perform accurate harmonics analysis on the signals.

    PA power analyzer synchronizes the sampling frequency and the signal frequency through the PLL hardware circuits so as to obtain accurate results of harmonics measurement. Moreover, PA8000 and PA5000 power analyzers are supportive to the settings of dual PLL sources so that users can select different PLL sources for different measurement elements to conduct contrastive analysis on the harmonics of input and output signals simultaneously.

  • Harmonics up to 500th order

    PA8000 and PA5000 power analyzers have the bandwidth of DC/0.1Hz-5MHz and the sampling rate of 2 MS/s. Thanks to the due-PLL source frequency-doubling technology, the harmonics measurement with faster speed and wider dynamic range has become realized. In the harmonics mode, they can make accurate tests of voltage, current fundamental wave, power, phase, harmonic components and total harmonic distortion factor (THD). Beyond that, they can also perform harmonics analysis on the fundamental signal of a converter with up to 5.12kHz, with a maximum of 500th harmonic measurement of the fundamental frequency.

  • Test of conversion efficiency for inverter with SiC

    During the efficiency test for inverters with SiC semiconductors, due to the output characteristics of the SiC semiconductor, there are many micro power signals in the output of PWM waveform from the inverter. In such a case, high resolution needs the power analyzer to accomplish accurate measurement. PA5000 power analyzer has 16-bit ADC and PA8000 has even a higher one, the 18-bit ADC, which can accurately measure such tiny changes in power and make high-accuracy measurement become possible.

  • Motor test

    Any one or several of the 7 power boards of the PA8000 and PA5000 power analyzer can be upgraded to motor test board(s) (multiplex motor boards are also be available). Through the power board, motor board and torque speed sensor, the converter and the motor can be jointly debugged and tested, which is a great convenience for users’ research and development and testing of motor-related products.

  • Bivector graph analysis

    PA8000 and PA5000 power analyzers can measure and display the three-phase input and output vectorgraphs simultaneously, and analyze each phase angle between each input and output so as to accurately assess the impact of the angular difference between the input and output signals.

Recommended Models

  • Since the industry of inverters has high demands on bandwidth, harmonics test, efficiency measurement and storage capacity, the traditional power analyzer is unable to meet the requirements. Those PA8000 and PA5000 power analyzers by ZHIYUAN Electronics feature 5M bandwidth, dual-PLL source, and the harmonics up to 500th order. On top of that, the data storage of 60G capacity is standardized. They are the perfect solution to meet all the requirements in the industry of inverters.

    Recommended Model: PA8000 Certified Power Analyzer
    1. 0.01%-accuracy; 5MHz-bandwidth; 2MS/s-sampling rate
    2. 7-element power inputs for synchronized measurement.
    3. Dual-PLL source; harmonics up to 500th order; 60G data storage capacity
    4. Excellent power accuracy and angular accuracy
    5. Suitable for the power measurement of inverter which is very sensitive to bandwidth harmonics measurement

    Another Recommended Model: PA6000