Transformer Industry

In the industry of power generation and distribution, what concerns the power supply department and the power transformer manufacturer the most is about the economic impact caused by transformer losses in particular. If their transformer goes over the regulated no-load loss, they will be subject to a huge fine. As a result, the accuracy of the measuring system becomes particularly important. The higher the accuracy of the measuring device is, the more accurate will be the result of the measurement. Therefore, the potential fines can be avoided. With outstanding angular accuracy, PA8000 and PA6000 Power Analyzers can still accurately measure the power despite the situation of very low power factors. It can meet the testing requirement for the transformer to be tested under no-load and loaded conditions, with ensured accurate assessment of the transformer’s losses and other parameters.

  • Load test

    In the load test of transformers, if the phase difference of the voltage and current is around 90°and that the power factor is close to 0, those conventional instruments will fail to accurately measure the phase angle and the power value.

  • No-load test

    In the no-load test of transformers, if the current to be measured is rather small--as low as 200 μA, those conventional instruments will also fail to make accurate measurement.

  • Customized trigger condition

    The function of conditioned trigger can carry out automatic measurement of the transformer loss. Through setting up the voltage of the measurement point, the measurement data will be automatically saved once the voltage reaches the set point. Additionally, the user-defined alarm function can help the user to detect the abnormal operation of the equipment in a timely manner. When applied in the transformer test, PA8000 Certified Power Analyzer is provided with the overvoltage alarm function.

  • Unique auto-test software for transformers

    To meet the unique testing requirements in the transformer field, ZHIYUAN Electronics has developed a customized and dedicated piece of transformer auto-test software based on the user’s needs.

    Through collecting and monitoring the test data in a real-time manner, the software of transformer test system will automatically save and compute the data, and quickly generate key parameters and curves such as load losses, no-load losses in accordance with the setup value of the voltage. It provides a reliable data support for the monitoring, acceptance check and manufacture of transformers.

Recommended Models

  • In the transformer industry, manufacturers are more concerned about the economic impact caused by transformer losses. PA8000 certified power analyzer can perform a series of power measurement of no-load tests and load tests of the transformer. Even with a very low power factor, it can still ensure high-accuracy power measurement to extensively meet a wide range of testing needs in the transformer industry.

    Recommended Models: PA8000 Certified Power Analyzer
    1. 0.01%-accuracy; 5MHz-bandwidth; 2MS/s-sampling rate
    2. 7-element power inputs for synchronized measurement.
    3. Perfect solution to the difficult problem of load tests and no-load tests
    4. Standard equipment of transformer test software; supporting report exporting
    5. Suitable for power measurement very sensitive to low power factors and low current tests in the transformer industry

    Another Recommended Model: PA6000