Charging Station Industry

Following the growing increase of state subsidies for the NEV industry with the gradually improved supporting policies, the new-energy automotive industry has made considerable progress. The consequent issues of supporting facilities, such as the charging station and other constructions, also need resolve immediately. The PA power analyzer by ZHIYUAN Electronics offers an over-all testing solution to the entire equipment of charging station with an aim to help users by providing them with a strong basis for the design of charging station.

  • Efficiency measurement of charging station

    The charging station industry is generally divided into those for DC stations and for AC stations. The AC charging station is more compact and designed only for electricity output. Meanwhile, the DC charging station has such a wide adjustable range of the output of voltage and current that it can achieve fast charging for electric vehicles.

    PA6000 power analyzer provides seven power input modules to support the simultaneous measurement of the input and output of the charging station. In addition, all the power input modules have the same 100MHz synchronized clock, which ensures the accuracy of power and efficiency measurement.

  • Harmonics measurement of charging station input

    Since the charging station input is connected directly to the power grid, it is also possible for it to send a large amount of harmonic input directly back to the grid. The latest 2015 standards for charging station stipulates state when the output power is between 50% and 100% of the rated power, the charging station’s total percentage of the harmonic current should be no more than 8%. PA6000 power analyzer can accurately test the voltage, current, and the total harmonic distortion (THD) factor in the harmonic mode.

  • Power requirements of charging station output

    At constant voltage, the voltage output error of the charging station should not exceed ±0.5%. When the current output is less than 30A, the error shall not exceed ±0.3A; and when the current output is greater than 30A, the error should not exceed ±1%. PA6000 power analyzer can make accurate assessment of the voltage and current output in the charging station through the trend graph.

  • Measurement of the unbalanced average current output of the charging stationˊs idle power consumptior

    When the charging station is in the standby mode, its overall power consumption should not exceed 0.15% of the rated output power. The minimum voltage range for PA6000 power analyzer to measure is 300mV and the minimum current range is 10mA. It can easily handle the small current measurement.

  • Complete record of the charging process of the charging station

    PA6000 power analyzer can record and evaluate the full process of the battery charging via its integrating function. It can instantaneously capture the positive and negative values at high sampling rate to make integral calculation separately. PA6000 power analyzer has a data storage capability of 60G, and all the data during the battery charging and discharging process can be automatically saved. While displaying the battery charging process, it can also provide the user with professional charging data about the charging station.

  • Measurement of the unbalanced average current output of the charging station

    When the charging station uses multiple high-frequency switching rectifier modules to work in parallel, each module should share proportional load. When the average current output of each module is 50%~100% of the rated current, the unbalance rate of its average current output shall not exceed ±5%. PA6000 power analyzer has 7 power measurement elements to assess the unbalance rate of the charging station’s average current output in a synchronized, real-time and accurate manner.


  • As an emerging industry, the charging station industry enjoys rapid development. With the official release of the standard on the charging station of Chinese national grid, the test items have been gradually perfected. Given the high power measurement accuracy and outstanding performance, PA6000 has been widely recognized by users. Most importantly, it is perfectly supportive to the latest 2015 Industry Standard, making it a perfect choice for charging station testing.

    Recommended Models: PA6000
    1.0.02%-accuracy; 1MHz-bandwidth; 200KS/s-sampling rate
    2.7-element power inputs for synchronized measurement.
    3.ests in compliance with the latest Industry Standard on charging stations
    4.Suitable for the power measurement sensitive to accuracy and multi- element synchronous measuring in the charging station industry

    Another Recommended Model: PA2000mini