Electric Vehicle Industry

The motor drive system is the core of an electric vehicle. Which mainly composed of the battery, the inverter and the drive motor. An electric vehicle testing platform, constructed with the PA power analyzer as the core, is able to make accurate assessment of the electric drive system for the electric vehicle. PA5000 power analyzer supports the measurement of seven power inputs. (The PAmini series supports four power boards and one motor board). It can assess the battery charge/discharge characteristics as well as the efficiency between the input and output of the inverter. Combined with a motor board, it can simultaneously monitor the change in voltage, current, power, speed and torque.

  • Efficiency measurement of electric vehicles

    With the powerful comprehensive analysis capabilities, Only one PA5000 power analyzer is able to accurately test the electrical parameters of the electric vehicle, such as the power, efficiency, and motor output, as well as the parameters of inverter efficiency, motor efficiency, battery DC-AC conversion efficiency, and so on.

  • Efficiency test of the motor driver

    PA5000 power analyzer provides seven power input boards and supports the simultaneous measurement of the motor driver’s input and output. More than that, all the power input modules have the same 100MHz synchronized clock to achieve the synchronization of sampling phases, reduce the error caused by the U and I included angles, and guarantee the accuracy of efficiency measurement.

  • Harmonics up to 500th order

    PA5000 power analyzer has a bandwidth of DC/0.1Hz-5MHz. Due to doubling PLL technology, the harmonics measurement with faster speed and wider dynamic range has become possible. In the harmonics mode, it can accurately test the voltage, current fundamental, power, phase, harmonic components and THD.

  • Multi-motor test

    Any one or several of the 7 power boards of the PA5000 power analyzer can be upgraded to motor test board(s) (multiplex motor boards are also available for PA8000 and PA5000). Through the power board paired with the motor board, the gearbox (inverter) and motor inside the vehicle can be jointly debugged and tested so that users can more precisely test and measure the overall performance of the motor system.

  • Complete data recording and measurement for battery charge and discharge

    PA5000 power analyzer can record and assess the battery charging and discharging process through its integrating function. With high sampling rate around 2MS/s instantaneously capturing the positive and negative values and making integral calculation respectively. While presenting the real characteristics of the battery, it can also help users reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the testing and maintenance of the inverter/motor.

  • New-energy vehicle testing platform

    New-energy vehicle testing platform uses truly core components as the basis for electric vehicles. Combined with the high-performance dynamic testing system, CAN bus communication testing tools, and professional testing software, which can realistically simulate and analyze the energy transfer of the electric vehicle’s power system under various working conditions. It can serve as the scientific research and testing platforms for research institutes, automotive industries, universities, and other fields.

Recommended Models

  • The industry of NEV is widely known for its high-efficiency conversion and clean energy consumption. The new-energy vehicle testing platform of ZHIYUAN Electronics relies on the excellent performance of its power analyzer to perform the vehicle efficiency test on the internal devices at the same time, providing a perfect solution to fulfill all the needs of the efficiency test in the electric vehicle industry.

    Recommended Models: PA5000
    1.0.1%-accuracy; 5MHz-bandwidth; 2MS/s-sampling rate
    2.7-element power inputs for synchronized measurement.
    3.Harmonics up to 500th order; 60G data storage capacity
    4.Excellent power accuracy and angular accuracy
    5.Suitable for the power measurement of electric vehicles which is very sensitive to bandwidth harmonics measurement

    Recommended Models: PA5000, PA6000, PA2000mini