Power Supply Industry

Switching power supply and UPS power supply are among the most used power sources presently. The switching power supply is the one which utilizes the modern power electronics technology to control the on-off time ratio of the switch tube so as to maintain a stable output voltage. Its features of compactness, light weight and high efficiency makes it widely used in almost all electronic equipment. The UPS power supply utilizes the principle of inverter to provide the stable and uninterrupted power supply. Both power sources are indispensable in today's society.

  • Conversion efficiency measurement

    PA5000 power analyzer supports user-defined efficiency measurement formulas and is able to display six results of efficiency measurement simultaneously. In the development test of power products, it can be used to test the inverter circuit efficiency, AC/DC conversion efficiency, overall efficiency of the power supply, and other parameters at the same time.

  • Harmonics up to 500th order

    sampling rates up to 2 MS/s, and harmonics up to 500th order. It also features multiple combined display modes to display the contents of each harmonic at the same time. Users can turn on the "First Ten Harmonics Function" in the menu to show the top ten harmonics with highest energy among all the harmonics. Moreover, in order to facilitate the user’s analysis in more details, we have also designed a function to view any of the harmonic values. Through this function, the user can check the value of each order harmonic.

  • Measurement of extensive electrical parameters

    How to improve the power factor has been a tough problem in the industry of switching power supply. In order to enhance the power factor, it is necessary to accurately measure various electrical parameters of the switching the switching power supply, which helps users to enhance the power factor design by providing them with powerful data support.

  • 60G data storage and excellent data format analysis

    PA5000 power analyzer is equipped with a solid state disc (SSD) up to 60G for massive data storage. Users can directly connect the USB flash drive to it to store all the needed data. It supports multiple formats, such as PAD and CSV. With the storage time controllable, storage is no longer a problem.

  • Waveform playback function

    PA5000 power analyzer is able to the replay the previously recorded waveform and data via the software in the host computer or local computer so as to reproduce the waveform and data when they were recorded. Moreover, users can also set up the playback speed for the convenience to observe and analyze the measured data.

  • Measurement of idle power consumption

    For the power supply industry, the standby power consumption is also an issue of importance. When the power supply is in the standby state, the current is so low that those conventional instruments are unable to measure accurately. PA5000 power analyzer has a minimum voltage range of 1.5V and a minimum current range of 10mA to fully satisfy the needs for the standby power consumption test in the power supply industry.

Recommended Model

  • Since the biggest concern of the power supply industry is the output voltage, current, power, harmonics and conversion efficiency of the power supply, the question of how to accurately measure these parameters is the first thing to solve. ZHIYUAN PA5000 power analyzer has a power measurement accuracy of 0.1%, bandwidth of 5M and plenty of harmonics measurement functions to be extensively applied in the research and development as well as the testing of power products.

    Recommended Model: PA5000
    1. 0.1%-accuracy;5MHz-bandwidth; 2MS/s-sampling rate
    2. 7-element power inputs for synchronized measurement.
    3. Dual-PLL source; harmonics up to 500th order; 60G data storage capacity
    4. Waveform recording and playback
    5. Widely used in the R&D and design of switching power supply