Testing and Certification Laboratories

  • Power measurement accuracy of 0.01%

    Not satisfied with the 0.02% accuracy of the previous-generation power analyzers, we launched our pre-research of the next-generation data collection technology and eventually broke through the technology bottleneck of the industry by adopting the 18-bit ADC technology solution. The certified PA8000 Power Analyzer has finally achieved the world's highest power accuracy of 0.01% to satisfy the demands on accuracy made by testing and certification laboratories.

  • Electric energy pulse counting function

    function With specifications verified in compliance to the national standard GB/T 17215.701-2011, PA8000 Certified Power Analyzer is able to receive the electric energy pulse emitted from the electric energy meter to measure the accuracy of the electric energy meter, and to perform the function of electric energy pulse output.

  • Dual PLL source, frequency-multiplying technology

    According to the rules of FFT algorithm, the frequency of the sampling signal must be synchronized with the measured signal in order to accurately perform harmonic analysis on the signals.

    PA Power Analyzer synchronizes the sampling frequency with the signal frequency by incorporating the PLL hardware circuit so as to obtain accurate results of harmonics measurement. Moreover, PA8000 Certified Power Analyzer supports the setting of dual PLL source so that users can select different PLL sources for different measurement elements to facilitate the contrastive analysis on the harmonics of input and output signals simultaneously.

  • The only one that supports customized data update rate

    Since the power measurement process is an analysis process of a particular data interval, the setting of the data update rate will affect the size of the data interval. If the cycles of the input and output signals are not synchronized, unreasonable settings of the update rate setting will lead to inaccurate measurement results.

    PA8000's unique function of user-defined data update rate can customize the power measurement cycle at a minimal stepping of 10ms to avoid inaccurate measurements due to unreasonable settings.

  • Complies with IEEE-1459 power algorithm

    The apparent power and power factors as well as other physical properties calculated by the IEEE-1459 power algorithm represent the true state of the system more realistically and provide rich quantitative reference values for the analysis of non-sinusoidal systems to improve and perfect the system in a more pertinent way.

  • FFT inter-harmonics analysis function

    The FFT function allows PA8000 Certified Power Analyzer to set up the FFT resolution in the function. The minimum setting of the resolution is 0.1Hz. With the resolution setting at the minimum step, PA8000 is capable to display the value of each frequency point and check the data of each inter-harmonic.

Recommended Model

  • With its power measurement accuracy of 0.01%, outstanding testing capability and perfect testing stability, PA8000 Certified Power Analyzer is able to satisfy all the requirements on the traceability of instruments and certification of accuracy, demanded by any metrology institutes, quality inspection institutes and research institutes

    Recommended Model: PA8000 Certified Power Analyzer
    1.Certified with 0.01%-accuracy, 5MHz-bandwidth
    2.Customized update rate the fastest update rate 1 ms
    3.Harmonics up to 500th order, 60G solid state disk (SSD)
    4.Dual PLL source synchronous measurement
    5.Suitable for accuracy-sensitive power measurement demanded by testing and certification laboratories